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Frequently Asked Questions
Why does this site exist?
The purpose of this site is to provide an automated, user-friendly method to serve GIS coverage libraries in the form of ARC/INFO export files (these files end in the prefix .e00). Users can locate the desired coverage either from a list of coverages within certain libraries, or by using specialized search tools which refer to a database containing information about the coverages. In addition to downloading the export files, users can view preview images and view metadata for many of the coverages.
What software will I need?
To find and access full coverages, only a Javascript-capable web browser is required (Netscape version 7 or IE version 5 or higher are recommended). In order to view ARC/INFO export files (the files ending in .e00 which can be downloaded for each coverage) you will need ARC/INFO or ArcView software from ESRI, or alternatively the free ArcExplorer data viewer. For ArcExplorer, you will need to ensure you also download the import utility, which is available on the same web page as ArcExplorer. Due to ArcExplorer's limitations, data viewed with this tool may not be helpful to the user. At this time, there is no freely available viewer to allow full access and query capability for ARC/INFO coverages.
What is an ESRI export file (.e00 file)?
Files which end in .e00 are ARC/INFO coverage export files. They are used to transform a GIS coverage and its associated files into a single industry-standard text file, for ease of transfer.
What is GAP?
The mission of the Gap Analysis Program (GAP) is to provide regional assessments of the conservation status of native vertebrate species and natural land cover types and to facilitate the application of this information to land management activities. See the GAP Website for more information.