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About the Southern Arizona Data Services Program
The mission of the USGS Southwest Biological Science Center Sonoran Desert Research Station (SDRS) is to work with others to provide the scientific understanding and technologies needed to manage the nation's biological resources. A fundamental part of this mission is to contribute to the development of a partnership for sharing biological information. This partnership between the USGS and the University of Arizona makes data that are generated by the USGS, the U of A, and by other government and non-government entities, and that are maintained by the partnership, available to others through the webpages of the SDRS and the School of Renewable Natural Resources.
The objectives of the Southern Arizona Data Services Program are to make it easy for people to find biological data and information about Arizona resources that they need, to integrate or combine data and information from different sources, and to apply data and information to actual resource management decisions.
The Southern Arizona Data Services Program is a joint effort by the SDRS and the Advanced Resource Technology Group (ART) in the School of Renewable Natural Resources. Our goal is to more efficiently serve commonly requested GIS data to the public and the greater University community. This data sharing effort includes the production of numerous research data sets from important natural resource based projects, the development of GIS related software and data layers, and shared hardware and software facilities to increase our teaching and research capabilities. The overall purpose of this effort is to provide spatial information that will help promote a better understanding of our natural and cultural resources.